Contribute to the social development of low-income communities in México and the State of Yucatan, throughout programs for children and youth at risk, expecting to bring to an end the cycle of poverty and illiteracy.


We strive to turn Fundación Legorreta Hernández A.C. in a role model among non-profit organizations in Mexico, due to the relevance and significance of its work, as well as its capacity to empower and promote social development in low-income communities, in the state of Yucatan as the primary goal, as we aspire to influence positively other states and communities in Mexico.


Eradicate the cycle of poverty and illiteracy in Mexico. The development of low-income communities in the State of Yucatan, as our primary goal, and eventually provide a model for fellow States and communities in Mexico.

Our strategy

We approach philanthropy from a unique perspective. Our strategy is to empower communities by addressing their problems in an innovative and sustainable way.


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