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Message From Our Presidents

The absence of empathy is one of the main ills that our society suffers, those who are more competitive manage to advance and adapt to the changes that technological changes demand, the others take the risk of avoiding development and petrifying as social fossils. We must develop projects that include those who have not had the fortune to have access to education, to decent health systems, to a balanced diet, to sleep peacefully and to live in peace.

About Us

Our History
Fundación Legorreta Hernández A.C. was established in 2009 with the commitment to implement projects to create durable and adequate solutions ...
Our Team
We present our GREAT TEAM of professionals, responsible for providing all the tools to achieve all our objectives.
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Pensamiento -
It is a space that can favor to document the achievements and progress of the different Strategic Lines
Casas Comunitarias -
We procure, administer and provide the material and economic resources necessary for the operation of each Strategic Line.
Programas -

Our Achievements

These are some numbers of the results obtained today for 10 years of supporting the communities of Yucatan.

More than

hours of field work during 2018.

More than

children with direct support for a better academic and personal education.

More than

million pesos generated by the companies promoted.

More than

users attended the programs and projects executed in 2018.


Where We Are - Map of Locations of Community Centers - Fundación Legorreta Hernández